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Attention Faith-Driven, Powerful, Women Entrepreneur Who Desires to Grow & Scale Your Business In The Next 6 - 12 Months!
Attention Powerful, Woman Entrepreneur Who Desires to Automate & Scale Your Business In The Next 6 - 12 Months!

Are You A Faith Driven Powerful, Woman Entrepreneur Who Desires to 
Grow & Scale Your Business In The Next 6 - 12 Months?

Want A Proven, Simple Path To Growing & Scaling Your Business?

Join This 5 Day "Working Together" Challenge, Where You Will Discover My Best Hidden Secrets & Strategies To Grow And Scale Your Business To 6-Figures Or More.

Listen to the Video Below to See How 5 Days Can Change the Future of 
Your Business Forever...

Time Sensitive: This 5 day LIVE and highly-interactive challenge will help you get clear on your next best steps to grow & scale your business to six figures or more in the next 6-12 months...

Ceanne Livingston
Funnel Strategist, 
Designer & Coach

Check Out What Clients Said Before Working With Me

“ I am so frustrated I have spent the last two years, and over $42K trying to market myself and I feel like I have not gotten anywhere."

“Coaches who want to run with their stuff and are disappointed with spending time and money and not getting traction.”

Dear Powerful, Woman Entrepreneur, are you wanting to scale your business to 6-figures or more in the next 6-12 months?

  • Are you relying on online marketing to grow your business but you don’t know where to start?
  • Are you wanting to Figure out how to put all of your marketing pieces together into a practical business, you can do yourself without any previous tech experience?
  • Have you joined several do it yourself coaching programs that didn’t give you the success that was promised?
My name is Ceanne and I’ve been doing online marketing for over 20 years and I’ve seen what happens when a powerful entrepreneur like yourself, is not prepared when it comes to their online marketing.

There are so many gurus out there trying to sell you their programs. There are just so many choices, no wonder you are paralyzed with fear, when the truth is all you really want to do is help those you’re passionate about.

You're a powerful business woman and I know you would rather be doing your thing, instead of learning about the latest techie thing and latest and greatest market strategy that is going to take you to six figures or more.
Am I right ?
I am not a guru, I am just like you, a powerful entrepreneur with a mission. 

Mine is to help you get your message across, So you can better people's lives. 
Powerful coaches, consultants and professional women are you ready to stop chasing after that next shiny object, and stop being paralyzed with fear, let your past marketing mistakes go, and move forward with a plan that is going to work for your business?

If you answered yes, and you are ready to really serve the community you are passionate about in a real way, I want to invite you to my five day “working together” challenge.
In the challenge we are going to get real about your online marketing strategies and what it is really going to take you to grow your business to the 6-figures you have been dreaming about.
  • In the challenge I am going to show you the right systems, you will need to grow your business, and reach your goals. 
  • I will guide you through what your next best steps are, so you can take the right actions to grow your business.
In our Five Days Together, I will be sharing top-secret hacks and tips that will help you develop or refine a clear focused brand and message for your business. 
If you implement the things we go over in the challenge, my promise is this … 
  • Your marketing will run smoother.
  • You will have homework ... And this will bring you closer to the breakthrough you have been wanting in your business. 
I will save you several times more than the $47 you are going to pay for the challenge.

At the end of the challenge you will have the clarity, the confidence and the focus to accomplish your goals and scale your business.
You will be able to make smart decisions to take you to your next best step to success.

You will be ready to create your sales funnel, your Facebook ads and your emails and any other content you need to scale your business to six figures in the next 6 to 12 months. 
Click here to register!
I look forward to working together in the five day challenge !

I can’t wait to meet you have a great day!
Coach Ceanne Livingston
Get Exclusive Access To 5 Days of Live Training From Ceanne Livingston, Founder of Done For You Marketing Mastery.
In this Live “Working Together” 5 Day Challenge I am going to walk you through my step-by-step method which will help you to grow and scale your business to 6-Figures in the 
next 6 - 12 months! 
When you join my LIVE “Working Together” 5 Day Challenge starting March 16th, you will  
Proven Methods and Marketing Strategies that WORK!
When you sign up below today, you will get full access to my “Working Together” 5 Day Challenge + The 7 Bonus Below

One special lady will get the opportunity to be in the "hot seat" where I will go over her business and give her a strategy that will help her move forward. * $1000 Value 

I will teach you how my step-by-step method which will help you to grow and scale your business to 6-Figures in the next 6 - 12 months!

Get all this and more for the Beta Price of only $47!

What People Are Saying About Coach Ceanne Livingston

Who Already Took The Leap Of Faith And Joined Me...

Five Star Rating

"Ceanne was the first ”dream team” member I had ever hired. Working with her was a pleasure. She was easy to work with and stuck to the deadlines given. Thank you Ceanne for making our time together productive."

- Pam Drzewiecki, 
Productivity Coach
Powerful Purpose, LLC

Five Star Rating

"Ceanne was great to work with! I highly recommend her."

- Heather Bucciano
Bridal Coach

Five Star Rating

"Ceanne is great! She can do anything, but it is hard to find marketers who know ClickFunnels, so I feel so blessed to have found her! She has a knack for ClickFunnels and knows the ins and outs of the features, can build your funnel and/or change your existing funnel to be more engaging and catch a potential buyer's eye. Highly recommend!"

- Rebecca Araneo
Sport Videographer

Five Star Rating

"Ceanne built out a very nice funnel and she was easy to work with!! Thanks and I look forward to future projects!!"

- Wes Anderson
Best Selling & Award Winning Author Of The Well From Hell

Five Star Rating

"Ceanne, is great to work with."

- Daniel Pope 
Advertiser Coach|Speaker

Five Star Rating

“Ceanne was great to work with! I highly recommend her.” 

-  Ashely Kinkead
Founder of Private Label Mastery

Five Star Rating

"Ceanne is very easy to work with and professional work!"

- Jasen Wyrembelski
Founder of REV NOW

Five Star Rating

"Project was fun and Ceanne was great to work with."

 - Daniell Foley
Foley Marketing Advisors

Asheley Kinkead

Folley Advisors

Rebecca Araneo

Beach One Reality, South Carolina 

Jason Webb

Urban Brokers

Bryan, Producer, Agoura Hills

Mark Washington

Wes Anderson

My Promise To You

I know you have been let down by other digital marketers who promised much success, and more than likely those failed you because...

1. The strategies were not specifically designed for you and your business. 

2. You were not able to figure out the techie things and follow through, and without a hand to hold you fell down, with know-one to pick you up. 

No matter what the reason, Here is the difference...

  • In the LIVE “Working Together” 5 Day Challenge I will guide you in pulling your content for your sales pages, your emails, and your social media together. (In the challenge you will learn how, and you will follow through with the steps for your success. I can't do this for you, it is up to you to show up and participate in growing your business.) 
  • When you work with me as a paid client, Together we will create a strategic plan on how best to reach your target audience, with your story, your hook and your offer. 
  • ​The Sole Focus of what I do for you is help you implement a digital marketing strategy that gets you more leads, sales and referrals, without constantly chasing people.
  • With my experience as a Funnel Strategist, Funnel Designer and Coach, I will help you take your next best step in your business!
I do this in Five Easy Steps, the Sixth Step is Yours, you can continue to work with me and I will take all of the content we created and implement it into an amazing online strategy that will work for your business, where you are at, together we will tweak it as needed, we will run ads and follow all of the strategies we created for your business, so you to reach your goal of earning six-figures or more, or you can take the plan we created and go hire someone else who is a better fit for you. 

Either way, I am all in with working with you in helping you to create your goal of being a six-figure or more earner. 

I've worked with dozens of female 6-figure entrepreneurs around the world to create the 
results they were looking for,  and I am excited to do the same for you. 

Dear Powerful Women Entrepreneur

Done For You Marketing Mastery

My Vision to Help Entrepreneur's Like You

Join the Work Together 5 Day Challenge Today &
Receive My 7 Special Bonuses
Time Sensitive: Must Sign Up On Or Before Sunday, March 15th 
To Receive 7 Special Bonuses:
You can get ALL this and more when you join The Challenge I want to give you the BEST experience possible!
Why Am I Giving So Much? 
I believe in you, and I want to help you develop a clear and focused message so you can make a deeper impact on your community. 

This is a bonus surprise ! While I am going to give you all of the content that is in the Challenge, I am cooking up a few surprises for my special ladies who join the first few challenges!!!

Here Is BREAKTHROUGH you have been waiting for.

Bonus #1: No idea where to begin when it comes to getting more clients? Neither did until I began using this secret strategy to get more clients. 

I will not only show you the method that is being used by successful business women in every niche, but I will give you the tools and the secrets you need to get the BREAKTHROUGH you have been waiting for.

Creating content to build your audience doesn’t have to be tough or slow... 
(and you don’t have to spend tons of money either!) 

The Bonuses Will Save You Time & Money !

Bonus #2: My Social Media Swipe File

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything, from posting randomly (without a strategy), blogging, going live here and there and creating all the content your brain can put out? 

Bonus #2 will give you 365 days of proven posts for your social media.

I am giving you the opportunity to share a message that helped grow our community to 5000+ members.

In my vault I have the swipe files of 365 quotes, promotional posts and social media pieces that I used to grow our community to over 5000+ members.  

Save TONS of hours of research and design

Creating content to build your audience doesn’t have to be tough or slow, and you don’t have to spend tons of money either!

Bonus #3: 25 Social Media Plug-and-Play Canva Editable Quote Pack

You can have the best product in the world, BUT if you're not putting out content to ENGAGE the audience you want to sell to, then all your work is for nothing... bonus #3 will help you engage your audience. 

I know if you are like me you want to motivate your tribe, with great photos and quotes, here you go, no applause ... just use the free gift to bring success to your business. 
Bonus #4: Canva Is All The Rage!

Love social media, but don't know how to create your own motivational without expensive tools like Photoshop, start using Canva.

I will teach you how to take the posts from Bonus #3 and make them your own.
Bonus #5: WordPress Is Still A Must Have Tool!

Would I lie to you? Nope, no matter how important your sales funnel is, you still need a website, and I am going to show you how you can create an amazing WordPress website in just 10-days!

Yep, I know this bonuses are awesome!
Bonus #6: Secrets to Building the Perfect Webinar Funnel

The webinar funnel is an advanced business tool and a must have if you want to take your business to six-figures or more. In this advanced training I take you through every step of creating a webinar funnel. 
Bonus #7: Free 30 Minute Consulting Call

Yes, you read that correctly. You will have the opportunity to get on the phone with me for a quick chat to cover any questions that were not covered in the challenge.

This will give you clarity on your next best steps in moving forward towards your success.
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